Acer laptop is one of the most recognized laptop company in all the laptop companies present in the world today. The company  began their business in the year 1976 , at this point it was called Multi-tech and after a long 10 year period in 1987 it was re-branded with the name Acer. It is the largest laptop company all over the world, it is basically a Taiwanese company. It is famous to everywhere for its model design. According to the statistics it was rated as the number 4 laptop in 2005, and as time goes by it is getting more famous in regards to its latest reviews. Acer laptop focus’ simply on technologically modern advances since the year 2000. To spread the laptop all over the world the company made a decision to source their product with the help of specific marketing tools, which is a good channel in order to spread items to many countries. The prices of Acer laptop are not very high like the other companies, as it is extremely popular. This laptop company increases in popularity day by day especially for there latest product design,  giving a nice look to the laptops and also using high technology.

There are various kinds of Acer laptop in the market and those are very much popular to people like 3d laptop. Some of which are the Travel mate series, the Aspire series and the Ferrari series. These series are popular for reasons. The reasons are that these series have USB port,LCD screen, long life lithium battery, powerful processor, comfortable and nice looking keyboard etc. There are some countries where Acer laptop is the laptop that is the most famous to most of the people. Some of those countries; are Czech Republics, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Poland and Switzerland. Acer laptops are most popular in the market of Europe,  it is not as popular in North America, the most liked series of the Acer brand is the Ferrari formula.

There are a number of Acer models and some of those are given below:

Acer Aspire 3100-1405 is one of the most famous model to the people, it is possible because of its ability to be taken anywhere due to its size, so it is ideal for persons who are traveling. Another small version laptop that can be taken anywhere at anytime is the Acer travel mate TM24802779, many customers are preferential for this brand because of its size. Acer Aspire 3100 is one of the most favorite model. Another model is Acer 5000-5832, which is a very fast model, so for those who like to operate their laptop in a very fast mode can use this model. Acer travel mate TM8210-6632 is one of the most popular model out of all the models, and is sometimes referred to as a road friend. This model is a powerful model that has all the necessary things in it, it is very helpful to the workers who have to keep themselves with their laptop all day long.