Companies all over the world are opening the door to telecommuting for their employees. As companies look for ways to cut down on over head costs of operation telecommuting has become a very attractive option for some employees. Many people wonder with employees scattered all over the place and no real base of operations how a company is able to operate smoothly without placing the future of the company at stake?

The issue of managing telecommuting employees has been a long standing problem for many businesses. However, with the right resources and support put into place, telecommuting can be a highly successful and lucrative option for businesses all over the world.

Here is a look at some great tips that businesses and office managers can use to help develop a telecommuting strategy that allows a company to manage the growing number of telecommuting employees.

Establish Rules and Guidelines

Many businesses make the mistake of just allowing employees to telecommute without really setting up guidelines and boundaries. This can often lead to terrible telecommuting experiences for both employees and companies. Before you allow any employee to telecommute create a handbook that clearly explains the expectations of employees who telecommute.

Information provided in the handbook can include how often meetings will occur, what is expected in terms of communication and how often an employee needs to come into the office. This handbook will prevent a lot of misunderstandings and allow companies to operate smoothly while offering employees the option to telecommute.

Create Frequent Meetings

Communication is a major key to successful telecommuting. As a company, create frequent meetings so that you can stay in touch with all your employees. Technology makes setting up meetings extremely easy with access to programs like Skype and instant messaging systems which allow companies and employees to get together to discuss important information regarding work and projects. Even if it is only a brief five minute discussion regarding the status of the work it will help keep employee and company on the same page.

Provide Support Services

To make the telecommuting experience a smooth transition from work place setting to home, consider offering your telecommuting employees different support services so that they can stay connected with the office even while they are away from it. After all, these employees are using their home as an office so it doesn’t hurt to offer them some options that will make them turn that home office into a company office.

Some great services that companies offer include subscription to services like Line2 which allows employees to create a second office line that is separate from their home line or tech support services in case their Internet or computer goes down. Just because the employee is not physically within the office does not mean you as a company doesn’t have to offer support services.

It may take a bit of pre-planning in order to create a good telecommuting strategy but by using some of these helpful tips as a company you will be able to offer telecommuting as a work option without having to compromise the company and your business.

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